About Author

Carolyn Adams Hanchett, rose from humble beginnings in the picturesque Dry Fork Canyon of Utah, to achieve success in various business endeavors, involvement in political, community and international events. Her journey from obscurity to prominence has been marked by resilience and determination. However, in her later years, she discovered a passion for writing, research, and a deep-seated warrior spirit. Carolyn's dedication shifted towards fighting against insidious threats to America and humanity itself. Unlike her historical heroines, she wields the power of the written word through the blog of the fearless twenty-two-year-old Abigail Houston.

However, having discovered, in her later years, that she had a writing talent, a penchant for research, and having been born with a warrior spirit, her focus became battling against an enemy whose deceptive, insidious plots threatened America and the freedoms of all humanity. But, unlike her heroines, Boadicea, the British warrior queen who led her warriors against the Roman Empire, and the Israelite Prophetess, Deborah against the Canaanites, it would not be a physical battle straddling a war horse, weapon in hand; her weapon would be the written word exposing the designs of the enemy in the blog of twenty-two-year-old university student, Abigail Houston.